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About enterprise Kompaniya Legion-Energo, OOO

The main activity of LLC Legion-Energo - trade, delivery of products of linear fittings to the high voltage line, fittings of a contact network of the electrified railroads. Insulator: production of LLC ZIF: - suspended glass - suspended porcelain (mud-resistant) - shtyrevy high-voltage porcelain - shtyrevy porcelain 20 kV - shtyrevy porcelain 35 kV - porcelain basic and rod - low-voltage shtyrevy porcelain - an insulator linear rod polymeric Linear fittings to LET (line of electricity transmissions): production of LLC Armlit-Donbass - a clip - a vibration quencher - an ear - an earring - a bracket - fastening knot - termapatron - thermomatches - an intermediate link, etc. Fittings of a contact network of the electrified railroads: - fittings from cast iron - fittings from non-ferrous metals and their alloys - fittings from steel Sale of the VULTURE fittings, wires HOARSED, etc.
Also the enterprise on a constant basis buys production about storages, state reserves, the warehouse remains as new, and second-hand. You can send the offers and the nomenclature of the available production to our phone / fax (806262 2-67-85) or to one of electronic boxes:,,, All your offers will be considered in the nearest future.


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